Our trip driving from Tulsa to Corpus Christi, Texas

Our trip driving from Tulsa to Corpus Christi, Texas

Tulsa, Oklahoma. This was the starting point of our journey that would take us more than 668 miles in just about 10 hours of driving to our final destination at the sunny beaches of Corpus Christi, Texas. To get to the eastern shore of the Texas coast, we would drive through three major cities including Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Since we were in no rush and under no time commitments, we decided that we would take our time and enjoy this road trip to its fullest. In each of these well-known Texas cities, we set out to see things and do things that we had never done before. This was the story of our road trip from Tulsa to Corpus Christi.

Dallas, Texas

Just four hours south of Tulsa, we found ourselves in Dallas. With no shortage of attractions, we had a hard time deciding how we wanted to spent our time in this big city. It didn’t take us long to realize that we would need more than just a few hours to properly explore Dallas, so without any argument we made the decision to spend the night and place our road trip on pause. After further discussion, we narrowed down what attractions we really wanted to see and planned out our itinerary for the day.  First, we spent the morning golfing at Topgolf-Dallas. From there, we headed over to the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens to get in touch with nature. Next, we knew that any trip to Dallas wouldn’t be complete without a tour of AT&T Stadium, the Home of the Dallas Cowboys—this tour would end up being the highlight of our time spent in the city. Finally, we decided to end our night at the House of Blues before heading back to the hotel to rest up for the remaining days of our trip.

Austin, Texas

Only three hours after we left Dallas the following morning, we arrived in Austin—the State Capital of Texas, which is also known for being the “Live Music Capital of the World.” Upon arriving in Austin, we knew our main goal was to check out the music scene. We wasted no time asking locals where their favorite spots were to listen to live entertainment. Soon, we were directed to the Sixth Street and Red River Entertainment Districts that were buzzing with artists and musicians alike. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay too long because we had to get back on the road to head to our next stop; however, we didn’t leave Austin without promising ourselves that we would make a trip back to explore each and every one of the entertainment districts and all the music variety they have to offer.

San Antonio, Texas

After driving just an hour and a half, we made it to San Antonio, which would be the last stop on our journey with only two hours left until reaching Corpus Christi and the Gulf of Mexico. With the beaches and the Gulf calling our name, this would have to be a quick stop. But we knew we couldn’t pass through this city without stopping at the famous San Antonio River Walk. We spent about three hours exploring the restaurants, parks, historical sites, and gorgeous scenery that lines the River Walk. Although touring the AT&T Stadium in Dallas had left us speechless, we had never seen anything like San Antonio’s River Walk. With so much left to explore, we forced ourselves to get back in the car and continue the final leg of our trip.

Next stop, Corpus Christi!

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