Best Sports to Play in Tulsa

Best Sports to Play in Tulsa

Ready to get your game on? Head over to Tulsa, Oklahoma. With four minor league sports teams in the area, including the Tulsa Drillers baseball team, the Tulsa Oilers hockey team, the Oklahoma Thunder football team, and the Tulsa Revolution soccer team, Tulsa has become a sports hub for not only spectators, but also for those looking to play. If you’re interested in joining a team, there are plenty of both adult and youth sports leagues available for a variety of different sports. Tulsa also has a large number of tennis courts, over 60 miles of hiking trails, aerobics studios, martial arts classes, and much more to help visitors and residents find other ways to get active. Read on to find out even more about the best sports to play in Tulsa.

Adult Sports

Depending on the season, Tulsa has a long list of sports for adults to sign up to participate in either individually or with a team. One of the most popular summer sports to play in the region is sand volleyball. Tulsa Parks offers three different leagues that cater to different skill levels and preferences: recreation, intermediate and power doubles. Participates also have the option to continue playing the sport by signing up for indoor volleyball in the winter. During the spring, adults can also sign up for a dodgeball league, multiple soccer leagues, and a t-ball league.

All leagues hosted by Tulsa Parks are city run and city sponsored, but there are other leagues in the area that are also available. There are sports specific leagues, such as the Tulsa Amateur Softball Association (TASA) or the Tulsa Volley League, for those who are looking to play at a more competitive level. The Tulsa WAKA Kickball and Social Sports league is also a great option for those interested in a more social, laid back experience. WAKA offers everything from kickball, volleyball, foam dodgeball, bowling and flag football, to softball, “RunFun,” ultimate frisbee, basketball, soccer and even bar games.

Youth Sports

Tulsa is an ideal hometown for children growing up who are interested in sports. During the spring, Tulsa Parks offers three youth sports leagues including t-ball, soccer, and volleyball. When summer rolls around, children have the option of participating in a tennis league. Similar to the adult leagues, there are other options outside of the city sponsored leagues that are available for children who would like to play at a more competitive level. For example, the Tulsa Jr. Oilers is a youth hockey league that offers elite training for children between the ages of four all the way up through high school. Multiple youth football and cheerleading organizations are also scattered around the region.

For kids looking to get involved in more extreme sports, Tulsa has two public skate parks including the River SkatePark and Skatenorth. For young skateboarders, rollerbladers and BMX bikers, these skate parks offer a variety of half pipes, quarter pipes, grind rails, ledges, jump boxes, pyramids, and much more.

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